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Red and Black Ink, LLC is dedicated to development through education and history.  Our mission is to help parents play an active role in the educational development of their children and to help children achieve educational success!

Danita Smith is the founder of Red and Black Ink, LLC--she has over 20 years experience in business, is an avid researcher and blogger on black history and is devoted to educating our children for the future.  She has a master's degree in business administration, a B.S. degree in business administration and is currently studying computer programming online.

Since 2014, she has written stories on this site about black history, and articles on education, with many engaged readers online and through Facebook.

She is the mother of a son who started college at age 16, successfully completed his A.A. degree and is currently working toward a four-year degree in software development (currently with a 4.0 average, she is thankful to announce).

She can simply be reached at: