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A Collection of Stories about Black History

Stories about Black History

 Volume 2 (which includes all of volume 1) is on Kindle® and on Amazon® in paperback. 

Volume 3 is now available on KINDLE and AMAZON.

Read excerpts from vol. 2 and vol. 3.

As a part of our “Stories about Black History” series, we are making selected stories available in ebook and paperback forms.  Stories about Frederick Douglass, Charles Young, Hilton Head and Mitchelville, and Harriet Tubman are presented for your knowledge and enjoyment. 

Volume 2 is the first of our series to be offered in paperback form.  Therefore, all of the stories from volume 1 have also been included in volume 2.

The stories in volume 2 are:

Ch. 1:  Henry Johnson and the Harlem Hellfighters

Ch. 2:  Charles Ball and the War of 1812

Ch. 3:  Ethel Waters:  A Remarkable Career

Ch. 4:  Ida B. Wells and Why She Began to Write

Ch. 5:  Harriet Tuman and the Combahee River Raid

Ch. 6:  Frederick Douglass and How He Learned to Read and Write

Ch. 7:  Sojourner Truth and Her Famous Lawsuit

Ch. 8:  Phillis Wheatley:  An Example of Erudition

Ch. 9:  Benjamin Bannker:  Renaissance Man and Abolitionist

Ch. 10:  Beginnings of the A.M.E Church

Ch. 11:  History of Hilton Head and Mitchelville During the Civil War

Ch. 12:  William Jones and His Escape

Ch. 13:  Lewis Latimer:  Inventor, Draftsman, and Electrical Engineer

Ch. 14:  Biddy Mason:  An American Pioneer

Ch. 15:  Carter G. Woodson and Black History Month

Ch. 16:  Charles Young and the Buffalo Soldiers  

Read an excerpt from volume 2 here!


The stories in volume 3 are:

Ch. 1:  Christiana, William Parker, and the Horn

Ch. 2:  Justice Department Report

Ch. 3:  General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas

Ch. 4: Ernest Everett Just

Ch. 5:  Greenwood - Tulsa, OK (1921)

Ch. 6:  Hiram Rhodes Revels

Ch. 7:  Elijah McCoy

Ch. 8:  Philip Reid

Ch. 9:  Emancipation in the District of Columbia

Ch. 10:  Mary Ann Shadd

Ch. 11:  Charles "Buddy" Bolden

Ch. 12:  George Thomas Downing

Ch. 13:  Mary Touvestre: Civil War Intelligence

Ch. 14:  James Weldon Johnson

Read the first chapter in volume 3 here! 


Volume 1 is available as an ebook on any device with a Kindle app.